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Photo: Travel: Turkey: Pigeon Valley

IMG 0873 Four Fairy Chimneys IMG 0876 Goreme in the Valley IMG 0878 Pigeon Shelters IMG 0879 Goreme From the Highway IMG 0880 The Fairy Dwelling IMG 0881 Rock Dwelling Detail IMG 0882 Another View of the Fairy Dwelling
IMG 0883 Closeup of Rock Texture IMG 0884 With Guide Hasan and Driver Ali SLD 0349 View of the Valley SLD 0350 Road Snaking Through the Valley SLD 0352 Goreme with Fairy Chimneys SLD 0353 Fairy Chimneys and Pigeon Feeders SLD 0354 Goreme From the Highway
SLD 0355 Fairy Chimney SLD 0356 Closeup of a Fairy Chimney Dwelling